From June 22 to 24, the workshop “La vinculación en el Atlántico ibérico: nuevas líneas de investigación” took place in Tenerife, organized by the ERC project VINCULUM, in collaboration with the University of La Laguna. It provided a unique opportunity to explore the diverse realities of the institution of entailments within the Atlantic space during the Early Modern era.

IberLAND’s PI Manuel Bastias Saavedra and doctoral student Edson Edy Correia de Brito participated presenting each a paper. Correia de Brito delved into the topic of entailments in Cape Verde, providing a comprehensive analysis that enriched the discussions with unique perspectives from the region and Bastias Saavedra presented the overarching goals and central research themes of the IberLAND project.

Overall, the event was marked by meaningful exchanges and the promise of future research collaborations. The collective efforts of the participants underscored the importance of understanding entailments in the Atlantic and set the stage for ongoing scholarly engagement.

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